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Italian language schools tour 
has been created by a group of Italian Language schools situated in Venezia, Bologna, Lucca, Firenze, Alghero, Roma, Napoli, Alberobello
In each our school network qualified teachers with long teaching experience in Italy and abroad use modern, dynamic methods, with funny activities very useful for the students that want to learn Italian very quickly.  
Our idea is to introduce the student in real Italian life offering Italian language, art history courses, cooking classes, cultural activities in our wonderful cities.
Would you like to discover Italian culture visiting very interesting cities? This is your occasion! Join in our Italian schools tour!
You can decide to attend italian language course starting Italian school tour from every city that you like in our Schools List.
We have different offers according to your short, medium or long period stay in Italy.

Contact us and we will help you to plan your Fantastic Holiday in Italy!

Enjoy Learning Italian discovering ItalyWelcome in our Italian language schools

Discover the Italian School Tour Network

Easy Italian Language & Art

Learn Italian language and art history in Venice

Easy Italian Language & Art
We are an Italian language and culture school based in Venice. We offer Italian language courses using modern techniques, art history courses and several different nice activities walking trough Venice.

Academya Lingue

your home away from home - learning 'la bella lingua' while enjoying 'la dolce vita'

Academya Lingue - located in the marvellous palace Casa Berti, right in the heart of the historic center of Bologna - is recognized by the Italian competent authority and openly supports and promotes a culture of mutual respect and appreciation of differences, as in the typical great Italian tradition of cultural and linguistic diversity.

Lucca Italian School

Learn Italian language, live our Culture, Art and Tradition!

Our school offers group and private lessons of Italian language and culture for students of all ages, classes for children and families, preparation courses for the CILS exams, business Italian. We organize also cultural activities such as trips, cooking classes, nature walks, seminars on Italian cinema - all with the aim to give our students the opportunity to fully live their Italian experience,


Learning a new language is gaining a new identity. Live this experience in Florence with us!

italianme is the innovative school of Italian language and culture in via Tornabuoni, the most prestigious street in the heart of Florence. Nestled inside an old palace with a stunning view from the rooftop terrace, with all the amenities and technology of a modern setting,expert teachers will led you with passion and enthusiasm to the discovery of the city and its nearby surroundings.

Centro Mediterraneo Pintadera

Learn Italian, experience Sardinia

Centro Mediterraneo Pintadera is a small Italian language & culture school in the heart of Alghero's old town on the NW coast of Sardinia. We offer a complete range of Italian Language courses, tailored to your interests and abilities, and a variety of Special Courses which convey this Mediterranean culture and our way of life. Our program is not merely

Kappa Language School

Learn Italian in Rome

Kappa Language School was born from the initiative of a group of young linguists and teachers who has been working passionately in the teaching of the Italian language for foreigners for years and has been from the 2012 PLIDA Certification Center.

Italianopoli, Italian School for Foreigners in Naples.

Much more than a school! A life experience in a city to discover!

Our school is located in the heart of the historic centre of Naples and is characterized by its familar athmosfere! We organize high quality individual and small group courses. Students interested in specific aspects of the Italian culture, will have the opportunity to take part in special courses about the history of the art, the italian cinema and literature.

Trulli Italian School

Trulli Italian School è una scuola di lingua italiana in Puglia, ad Alberobello, città UNESCO famosa nel mondo per i suoi “trulli”. La scuola organizza corsi di lingua italiana per piccoli gruppi tenuti da docenti madrelingua altamente qualificati e fantastiche immersioni culturali in Puglia, per tutte le età. Corsi di cucina con i locali, tour nelle città più famose, giornate al mare, passeggiate

Italian Schools TourStudy Italian & Travel Italy Packages

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4 Weeks in 4 different cities or 2 weeks in 2 different cities

You can start your trip from South, Center or North Italy and attend during your holiday period an intensive course in our wonderful cities: Venice, Verona, Genova, Rome, Todi, Taormina.

Stay 2 Weeks in Italy

Do you like Italian Language and would you like to study in Italy discovering 2 nice cities?
Choose 2 cities and 2 schools among our Italian schools list and Enjoy Italian culture for 2 weeks!

ONE WEEK IN ITALY Study Italian- Visit 1 or 2 cities

Are you going to visit Italy for a short period of one week and you would like to attend an Italian course?
Choose your destinations and the schools among our Italian schools list. You can stay one week in one city or visit also an other city during the Weekend

Live 3 Months in Italy

Are you planning to live for 3 months in Italy in 3 or more different cities, choose the cities among our destinations and School List and contact us. We will make your Stay unforgettable with our Italian courses and cultural activities. 

Live 6 months in Italy

Are you planning to stay in Italy for 6 months but you would like to live in different cities learning Italian? We give you the possibility to choose among our Schools List, our schools are based in very nice cities with a big tradition. You will discover Italian culture and have big fun learning It

Live 1 year in Italy

Your project is to live 1 year in Italy learning Italian language, but you would like to move from one to an other city to discover Italy? You can choose among our destinations and school list. Contact us and we will help you to organize a fantastic stay in Italy.

Learn Italian language in italy our schools manager

  • Michele Lenzerini

    Michele Lenzerini is the Director of "Easy Italian Language & art" Venice school.
    M.a in Asian Language and Literature at Ca' Foscari  Venice University. He has a master's degree in teaching Italian to foreigners and Cedils certificate in teanching Italian. He used to work as Italian teacher for private schools, trade unions, associations, city of Venice, abroad (Japan) and in 2015 He worked as Italian teacher at Ca' Foscari Venice University.
    He published one book concerning Italian language idiomatic expressions calle "Idiomando" and He created one Teaching method called Total Physical Singing Response (T.P.S.R) 

  • Enrico Piciarelli

    Graduated in Italian Language and Literature at the “Roma Tre” University, Enrico teaches Italian to foreigners since 2009 and became School Director at the Kappa Language School in 2014. Since 2020 he is founding member of the Association "Scuole LICET", which holds together more than 40 Italian Language Schools in Italy. He is a lot into sci-fi literature and punk music.
    Languages: Italian, English, Turkish.

  • Nicola Schroeder e Angela Canessa

    Co-founders of Centro Mediterraneo Pintadera

  • Andrea Bernardoni - Founder & Director of Studies

    Andrea Bernardoni has been teaching in the wonderful city of Bologna since 2009 and is also an Adjunt Professor at Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna (BBS) in its International GLOBAL MBA Program and International Master Program. His school's goal is to create a relaxing atmosphere where smiles and cooperation play an extremely important role while students can immerse themselves in the study of our beautiful language, ranging from its grammatical aspects to the communicative and cultural ones. 

  • Daniela Bonaccorsi

    She is the Director of Studies and coordinator of the courses of the school.
    She has studied Foreign Languages and Literatures at the University of Pisa and has spent various periods of training abroad. She followed training courses for teachers,  and has taught in different contexts, both public and private.

  • Andrea Goffredo - Director and teacher

    After graduating in philosophy, he trained in teaching Italian to foreigners in Rome, deepening teaching first in primary schools and for a few years in immigration centers in Sicily. He founded the Trulli Italian School in 2018, and passionately proposes immersion experiences in the Italian language and culture in Puglia.

  • Dario Montanino

    Founder and teacher at ITALIANOPOLI, Dario Montanino has gained a long teaching experience in Italy and abroad, always preferring a communicative and playful approach in the didactics. Very fond of cinema, theatre and creative writing, he is graduated in Humanities and specialized in teaching and promotion of the Italian language and culture to foreigners.  

  • Nadia Bruno, director of studies

    I am co-founder of italianme school with Francesca and Carmen: three florentine women, graduated at the University of Florence, with decades of experience in teaching Italian language for foreigners. Our goal is sharing and spreading the culture, the hospitality and the know-how that makes Italy one of the most famous countries in the world. This is why we value skills and bring together professionals from different sectors. Besides the education as a teacher of Italian language I have dealt with politic and society, Carmen with art history, Francesca with business Italian. Part of our team are experts of literature, history, music, photography, cinema, wine and cooking.

Italian Language

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